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NLSEnglish Online General English Courses Overview

At NLSEnglish we offer all our General English courses online both in groups and one-to-one. Similar to our offline courses, the main focus of our online General English courses is to help students improve their communication skills in English.

How does It work?

To join NLSEnglish General English online courses, students need to take our Online Placement Test and based on their current level of English they can chose between group and one-to one lessons.

The group lessons are offered 2 to 3 days a week. Each session lasts for two hours and in total students receive 6 to 9 hours of weekly lessons.

The available timetable for NLSEnglish General English online lessons is based on the UK time-zone (GMT). Students can choose from three different time slots morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

How are they different from offline courses?

To progress, students need to allocate more hours on self-studying and use every opportunity to help their English language acquisition. Self-study hours would play an important role on making tangible progress particularly for those students that are not currently leaving in an English-speaking environment.

Do students work on all four skills?

Yes. All courses are designed to help students to work on all main skills (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking). Having 4 or 6 hours of lessons per week would help students to practise their communication skills both with their teacher and other students during the lessons.

Do I need to be at a certain level to join the online courses?

Not really. We do offer all our General English courses online. What you need to do is to take our Online Placement Test and based on your test result we would offer a course suitable to your level.

The Placement test is Free and lasts for almost an hour. To those students whose current level of English is too low (True Beginners) we can only offer one-to-one lessons. Otherwise, students could choose from both one-to-one and group lessons according to their needs.

Can I apply for an online Combo course?

Yes. Students can add as many extra one-to-one hours as they wish to the hours of their group lessons.

General English Online 3 days a week / 6hrs
General English (online)
3days a week/6hours
1-2 weeks* £95 3-6 weeks* £85 7-11 weeks* £80 12+ weeks* £75
Private Lessons £40 per 60 minutes

*Weekly prices

General English Online 2 days a week / 4hrs