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General English Courses

Our available levels are Elementary (A1/A1+), Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2) & Advanced (C1).

Our General English courses are the perfect way for you to improve your reading, writing speaking and listening in English.


We believe that conversation is the road to confidence. Through various activities and class discussions, you will practise the key grammar and vocabulary at your level, ready to use outside of class.


Lessons are focused around real life situations. Our qualified teachers encourage debate, discussion and conversation.Whether your level is beginner or advanced, our friendly, productive classroom environment means you’ll have something to say.


General English is a great way to meet other English learners and make friends. Our mixed nationality groups ensure you’ll only be speaking English in class, and our placement system ensures everyone will be learning at the same rate that you are.


Students can choose how long their course is going to be. We offer group classes, private classes and combo courses. Whatever your needs, we have the class for you.
General English Full-Time Course
15 hrs/week
1-2 weeks £169 3-6 weeks £147 7-11 weeks £133 12+ weeks £127
1-2 weeks £139 3-6 weeks £126 7-11 weeks £120 12+ weeks £113
Private Lessons £35/hour
General English Part-Time Course
General English Beginner Private Lessons
General English Online Courses 6hrs/week
General English Online Courses 4hrs/week