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Combo Courses

Looking to study English everyday? Not sure whether you need a group or a private class? Our combo courses are for you.

With a combo course, you will study in a mixture of group and private classes. Our teachers will help you decide which combination is best, so you can benefit from the encouraging atmosphere of a classroom AND the one-to-one focus of a private class.

What’s more, our combo courses are available for General English, IELTS, or even a combination of both! Whatever you want, combo courses will be tailored to your needs.

Combo Courses
The total price for a General English Combo course is a combined price for the group course (calculated based on the number of weeks booked) and the number added private lessons. The combinations may vary depending on individual requirements. The individual programme for each student is discussed and arranged after the placement test. Below are some most popular examples.

General English Full-Time
(3 weeks)
15 Private Lessons
(5 lessons per week)
General English Full-Time
(4 weeks)
4 Private Lessons
(1 lesson per week)
General English Full-Time
(6 weeks)
12 Private Lessons
(2 lessons per week)
General English Full-Time
(6 weeks)
18 Private Lessons
(3 lessons per week)
£1046 £814 £1382 £1592

Please note that suggested hours are guidelines for average students. The length of the course depends on individual's abilities.