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New Social programme!

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As part of giving our students more opportunities to practice language, our school is starting a regular social programme!

The events engage students from different courses to socialise and participate in intercultural communication as well as help to improve student's cultural knowledge.

 The educational aspect is also included as a set of various activities and presentation which student are required to prepare.

The admin office and the course teachers will be informing students about the upcoming events and dates.

The next event (and the first one this year) is the Riverside Walk.

The walk starts in the City - at St. Paul's Cathedral and continues by the New Change, across the Millennium Bridge, including a visit to Tate Modern and finishing with the Southbank walk.

The event takes place on Friday 29th of January from 09.30 to 12.45.

All current group students must participate.

St Pauls Cathedral Millennium Bridge