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IELTS Writing Task 1

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Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed this weekend. Christmas is around the corner, holidays are coming and with it, a season packed with tests. If the other day we shared some tips about the FCE exam, today we are dedicating our post to the IELTS writing module.

 IELTS is an internationally recognized test and, here in the UK, it can be used to apply for a course at the university. You normally need a certain score depending on each institution, which will vary between a 6.0 to an 8.0.

From all the tasks you have to make during the test, today we will go through some steps to prepare for the Writing Task 1.

writing ielts tips


This writing task 1 focuses on writing a report about a graph. You normally have to describe and compare the main features of this graph using formal vocabulary and thinking that this report would be read by a university lecturer. Make a good note of these useful pieces of advice!

writing ielts tips

- Read the instructions carefully. This will give you an overview of the topic you should write the report about, and other aspects like the number of words (about 150) and the time you should spend in the task (normally 20 minutes). Some people do not think the numbers of words are important but they are! The examiners will count them and they might penalise you if you do not reach the minimum.

- It is NOT necessary for you to write an introduction. This is not an essay and, therefore, a simple sentence to introduce what you can see in the graph should be enough. Something like this graph shows… is a good way to start.

- You are writing a report based on what you can see in the graph so, DO NOT write about your opinion. In this case also, it is NOT necessary to write a conclusion giving your opinion about the meaning of the report.

- Consider the language you are using. You will have practised enough tasks to be familiar with vocabulary to use in this task. It normally tends to be about the trends on the graph and using specific verbs that show this. Also your grammar should be accurate and precise.

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- Practice a lot! Cambridge has lots of books published with past papers and you can find more tasks on the internet. It is also very useful to have a look at model answers to improve your vocabulary and look at different sentence structures.

Please share your experience and tips in the comments!