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IELTS Exam Speaking Section 1 Sample answer

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Today I am going to talk about IELTS Speaking Section 1 which might be the easiest part of the Speaking exam, however, still important.


I'd like to share some tips and provide you with some sample questions and answers. At the end of the article you will also find a sample speaking video by IELTS Official.


You can expect around 4-5 simple questions on different familiar topics, mainly about personal information, background, home country/city, interests, hobbies, etc. The number of questions depends on how full your answers are and how much you can go further than the questions asks.


This section is pretty much similar to a real-life situation when you meet someone new and try to find out more information about him/her

Style and strategy

No need to give very long and complex answers, however, try to expand your answers to at least  to 2-3 sentences. 

Give more personal and memorable examples.

Keep the natural flow and sound natural. 

Use simple but effective expressions and vocabulary ("I'm afraid", "to be hones"t, "I'd day", "actually", etc).

woman speaking

Sample questions and answers

- Tell me about your family.

- We are my parents and my elder brother. My extended family is quite big, and we all maintain good relationships, we are all very close. Unfortunately, I don't have a chance to see them very often as I live in a different country and don't have much time to visit them.

- Where do they live?

- My whole family lives in the South of Russia in a small town which I really love and miss.

 - What you you like doing when you are with your family?

- Oh, we love setting up family celebrations and big family gathering. I'd day usually there are around 15 of us. They are always fun and memorable. We used to travel around the area during public holidays but nowadays we mostly gather at somebody's house.

- What sort of things do you do to keep healthy?

- Well, I try to eat healthy food and mind my diet. I like walking and swimming a lot. I also make sure I sleep enough and spent some time outside.

- What sort of things are popular in your country to keep healthy?

- Nowadays healthy lifestyle is more and more advertised on social media and it really works for younger generation. People join gyms and explore yoga, subscribe to healthy cooking journals, organise active sports trips, look after body and mind. I'm really happy that nowadays healthy lifestyle is so popular.

- What sort of exercise do you not like doing?

- I used to hate running but now can't imagine myself without it. I'm not a big fan of spending hours in a gym and body building, but I do enjoy yoga classes, especially the outdoor ones.

- How can we get young people to do more exercise?

- As I mentioned before, I think advertising can play a significant role in making healthy lifestyle more popular. Apart from that more parks, playgrounds, gyms and classes could be opened so that people have an easy access to them.  It is important to make them affordable.


It is always good to go slightly beyond the asked question and give full answers. 

You will score more if you give longer and more developed answers to questions you have not interest or have little knowledge. 

You are encouraged to develop your answers without being prompted. 

Bare in mind the coherence of your answers. Use linking words and expressions as well as appropriate language.

Try to avoid repetitions and use natural language.

Below you can watch an IELTS Section 1 sample exam published by from IELTS Official and the given comments on the given score. 

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