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Who, which, whom, whose

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Who       Which        Whom       Whose

All of them are question words used in the beginning of relative clauses.
Relative clauses are used to either identify people or things or to give extra information about them.


There is a new series which you might like.
Do you know the woman who just came in?
This is Jack, whom I had a date with yesterday.
The children whose parents live abroad will need to have a guardian.

Who and which are used to introduce information to specify the person or thing you are talking about.
Who refers to people, and which – to things.

The player who scored a hat trick was chosen as the man of the match.
I am looking for a gym which is open 24 hours.

Whom can be occasionally used instead of who in formal spoken and in written language.

Mr Williams is the person whom you will have the interview with.

Whom cannot be omitted if used after a preposition.

Candidates for whom English is not the first language should submit their IELTS certificates.

Whose  is used to demonstrate the relation of something or someone to the person or the thing that was just mentioned.

Applicants whose forms are not signed will not be accepted.
I work for a company whose main office is in Vienna.

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