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Used To + infinitive / Would + infinitive / Be Used To Doing

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'Used to + infinitive':

We use 'Used to + infinitive to talk about past habits or repeated activities in the past which are not happening in the present. We also use it to talk about states in the past which are no longer true. For example:

  •  I used to study art (but now I am doing something else).
  • He used to smoke (but now he doesn't smoke).
  • They used to live in England (but now they live in Romania).

The negative form is did not use + infinitive:

  • He did not use to be a teacher.
  • I did not use to study Psychology.
  • She did not use to play piano.

The question form is Did…….use +infinitive…?

  • Did he use to study French?
  • Did they use to live abroad?
  • Did you use to spend time in Toronto?

'Would + infinitive'

We can also use 'would + infinitive' to talk about past habits or repeated actions.

  • He would get up early to exercise in the mornings.
  • When I lived in Italy, we would go to a little restaurant near our house.

NOTE. We cannot use would for past states:

The price of rent would used to be lower in London 5 years ago.

'Be used to':

We use 'be used to + verb-ing' to talk about things which feel normal for us or things that we are accustomed to:

  • I am used to getting up early, so I don't mind doing it.
  • My little daughter is used to eating lunch at noon. So she was grumpy yesterday when we didn't eat until one.

NOTE. that we make the negative or the question with the verb ' to be':

  • She isn't used to staying up late, so she's very tired today.
  • Is you co-worker used to working these long hours?
  • Are they used to walking a long distance from home to the work place?

We can also talk using the verb 'be' into any tense about things in the past or the future as well as the present using this expression:

  • It was difficult when I first started university, because I wasn't used to the amount of work we had to do.
  • Soon I'll be used to living in India and I won't be so frustrated with the heatwaves!