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experiment and experience

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Hello everyone!

This week's grammar point is about the difference between 'experiment' and 'experience'.


An experiment is a test which somebody does to see what the result will be, or to prove something. Experiment is generally used with the verb do. There is also a verb to experiment.

We did an experiment in the chemistry lesson, to see if you could get chlorine gas from salt. (NOT We did an experience…)
I’m experimenting with a new perfume.

An experience  is something that you live through; something that happens to you in life. Experience is generally used with the verb have. There is also a verb to experience.

I had a lot of interesting experiences during my year in Africa (NOT I made a lot of interesting experiences…)
Have you ever experienced the feeling that you were going mad? (NOT Have you ever experimented the feeling…?)

The uncountable noun experience means “the knowledge that you get from doing things.”
Sales person wanted – experience unnecessary.

Experience knowledge
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