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Common Comma use tips

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Comma Use.

Punctuation is an equally important part of the accurate written speech.

Below you can find a list of most common rules which will help you use comma correctly.


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  1. In sentences with 2 clauses divided by the following conjunctions: and, but, for, or, nor, so, yet.

It was my first trip abroad, so I was very nervous.

The test was not very difficult, yet I struggled to finish on time.


  1. In sentences starting with introductory adverbs such as however, moreover, meanwhile, also, of course, etc., or common phrases.

The tour starts in a minute. Meanwhile, you can have a look around the main hall.

The flat was bright and clean. Moreover, it took only 5 minutes from the tube station to get there.

Because she was late, we missed the train.

Once we settled in, we started looking for a new job.

When I arrive, I will give you a call.


  1. In sentences starting with participial or infinitive phrases.

Having said that, she left the room.

To reserve a ticket, you should contact our ticket office.

  1. In the middle of a sentence to indicate and separate nonrestrictive clauses or phrases (they provide extra information which is not essential for the sentence).

My uncle Andrew, a complete bachelor, has finally decided to marry.

Alison, who is usually always on time, arrived 1 hour later.

  1. In sentences with three or more words, phrases or clauses of the same series.

The new manager asked to arrange a meeting, prepare the agenda, and update the database.

We ordered fish, salad, and cheese.


  1. In sentences with 2 or more coordinate adjectives (those which can be place in reverse order and/or divided by “and”).

He had a warm, cosy room.

To get there, you have to walk on a slippery, narrow road.


  1. In direct speech to separate the quotation.

Andy said,I look forward to meeting you.”

“I can’t come today”, Lilly replied.


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