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Make small talk about the weather - English weather idioms

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As we all may know ‘winter is coming’ and we all love to go into BBC’s weather section and see the forecast for the next day. Shall we wear a scarf and a jumper? Or perhaps the sun will shine?

People, especially English ones, love talking about the weather and, fortunately, English language has many expressions and idioms that are weather related. So, next time you want to impress your friends check these idioms and surprise everyone!

It’s raining cats and dogs

No, we’re not talking about animals falling down from the sky. This idiom is used to express that is raining very heavily.
“I think we should cancel the picnic in the park because it’s raining cats and dogs”

 cats and dogs in the rain

It never rains but it pours

This one is a bit like Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. When one bad thing happens, a lot of other bad things happen at the same time. This idiom is not recommended for optimistic people.
“This morning my alarm didn’t go off, my train was delayed for 20 minutes and I fell down outside the underground station. It never rains but it pours!”

rain in the park

Come rain or shine

Yes, I know. Rain is something we deal with (and suffer) often in England, so this is why we include it so much in our daily conversations but, in this case, is for something good. Use this idiom to show the world you’ll do something no matter what happens.
“Don’t worry, come rain or shine I’ll be here on Saturday to help you”

cats climbing the wall

To be snowed under

Are you having a busy time at work? If Christmas is a stressful period of time for you, feel free to use this one!
“I can’t meet you tonight for a drink; I’m snowed under at work”

under many papers

To be on cloud nine

We would not want to end being moody so, smile! And use this idiom when you feel you are the happiest person!
“They were on cloud nine when they got married”

Now there are no excuses to use some proper English language and not feel under the weather (another popular one to use when you’re not feeling well).