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English expressions with "smile" and types of smiles in English

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Smile and the world will smile back!

Some extra info about English expressions for General English learners!
During your General English courses you learn many English facial expressions and emotions. Here is some extra information related to one of the most favourite ones – to smiles!

 Most of you know the word “smile”. But did you know how many different types of smile you can actually demonstrate?

Here is a list of smiles which show different emotions and attitude in English.

grumpy cat with fake smile

Fat smile = big, silly smile.
grim smile = serious, sombre smile.
nice smile = pleasant smile.
frigid smile = cold, unfriendly smile.
bland smile = pleasant, but not necessarily sincere smile.
sunless smile = gloomy dismal smile.
fatuous smile = stupid, foolish smile.
roguish smile = flirting smile; playfully bold smile.
spiteful smile = a mean mocking smile.
impish smile = naughty mischievous smile.
engaging smile = attractive charming smile.
strained smile = forces, false smile.
vacant smile = a smile shown when you do not understand or listen.
cunning smile = cute, attractive smile.
simper smile = silly annoying smile.
sneering smile = disrespectful unpleasant smile.
wry smile = smile when a bad situation is found also funny
thin smile = insincere smile
sardonic smile = disrespectful smile
a mere trace of a smile/ a wisp of smile/ a hint of a smile = barely noticeable smile.

hayden panettiere with roguish smile
How can we smile?
Now that you know so many types of smile, you can find out how you can do it!

See the list of English expressions we can use "to smile"!
To crack a smile = smile slightly.
To force a smile = to smile when you don’t really want to.
To grace someone with a smile = to favour someone with a smile.
To cast a smile = to smile in a particular direction.
To grin from ear to ear = to look very happy.
To raise a smile = to respond to something by smiling
To bring a smile to someone’s face/lips = to make someone smile
To break into smile = to start smiling
To be wreathed in smiles = to smile a lot because you are happy
To flash a smile = to smile quickly at someone

johnny depp with sneering-smile

We have learners from all over the world, all speaking different languages.
What is common among all of them? Well, English and …smiles!
Here is the video by the "Magnificent 7" production team which shows smiling people from 31 different countries!

And remember, “you’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile” © Charlie Chaplin.

Feel free to share your thought about the article or add other English expressions  with "smile"in comments!