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10 common British Slang you need to know about

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You might have noticed that in every language, there is always a SLANG category which corresponds to the language which we use mainly when we talk to our friends or relatives. However, it is not the language that you could use if you were speaking to your teacher or at a job interview.

Slang is a synonym of ‘everyday language’ which can be described as a ‘lazy’ or more ‘fun’ way to expressing things. Young people are renowned to be using it a lot and you probably know a few slang words already. Today, I will be focusing on 10 common British SLANG words or expressions used in the British language so let’s get started and get your pens at the ready!


The word ‘skint’ is a common word to be used to describe your financial situation, it means that you have very little money or no money left at all. Example: ‘I’m sorry I cannot come out for dinner tonight, I’m very skint so I can’t afford to eat out’.



‘Mate’ is a term which is often a substitute to the word ‘friend’, it is probably one of the most common British slang term to be heard in the English language.

Example: ‘Hey mate, how are you? I have not seen you in a while!’


You probably have heard someone say they are ‘knackered’ to you, it simply means they are very very very tired and have little energy left. You could also say something is ‘knackering’ which means ‘tiring’.
Example: ‘I am going to have an early night tonight, I’m very knackered’.



This British slang describing something or someone as being ‘wicked’ means you think it is/they are great or amazing..
Example: ‘I had a lesson with my new English teacher today, she seems wicked!’


If you say to someone you are ‘gutted’, it means that something disappointed you or that you are upset about a situation that you got yourself into.
Example: ‘I couldn’t find any tickets left to go see that concert, I’m gutted!’


‘Lose the plot’ is a British slang expression which describes a state of anger or furiousness, close to making you ‘lose your mind’. For instance, let’s say I found out my boyfriend forgot my birthday, I could say for example:
‘I completely lost the plot when Ian forgot about my birthday that I didn’t speak to him for a whole week!’.

7. ACE
‘Ace’, a very short and easy to remember word which simply means someone or something is fantastic.
Example: ‘I went to see this band play last night, they are ace!’


This British slang phrase is a special one cause it can either be used literally or sarcastically. Generally, by saying ‘nice one’ to somebody you are congratulating them.

Example: ‘I heard you passed your driving test, nice one!’

Sarcastically you could say: ‘I heard you failed your exam, nice one….’


Saying about someone they are the Bee’s knees means you think the world of that person.
Example: ‘You are the bee’s knees and I will always be here for you’.


bees knees

In England, if you take the piss out of someone, it means you are mocking them or making fun of them sarcastically.
Example: ‘They haven’t stop taking the piss out of me tonight because I wore a beret’.

This is it for our list of 10 common British Slang to remember for today. There are of course many more that you will hear or might know of already. Bear in mind that these slang words are specifically used in the UK and people might not understand them in other English speaking countries such America or Australia which are countries that have their own slang.