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Don't miss out! FCE Listening Exam Tips

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During the next few weeks, a great number of English learners will be getting ready to do their Cambridge exams. Students from all over the UK will be tested in listening, speaking, reading and writing. We know how stressful the previous weeks to the test can be and how nerves can play tricks during the test day.


Well, you do not have to worry at all! Today, we are sharing some very useful tips to help students who are doing their FCE Cambridge exam, one of the most popular ones. We will focus on the listening part of the exam and how to face the four parts of it.

Listening is always a bit more struggling as, contrary to real life situations; we do not have people in front of us to see them or ask for clarification. Take a good note!!

Cambridge fce listening

Part 1- Multiple choice (8 short extracts)

In this part, you have to choose between three options. The trick about this part is that the three options are mentioned in one way or another; they will try to trick you with two of them.
- Read all the questions and options BEFORE you start listening.
- Underline any key words in the questions and answers that can help you choose the correct option.
- You will listen to the recording twice. Concentrate the first time in the intonation and speed, also try to make a few notes that can help you when you listen for a second time.

Part 2- Sentence completion

As they say, this is the less complicated part of the listening as you have time to read all the sentences and predict the type of answer needed in each.
- Try to make a note about which part of the speech you need: a noun, a verb, and adjective…
- Be careful with spelling mistakes! You would not want to miss a mark for it.
- In many sentences in English language, the important information is at the end. Look at the example: “Hi, I’m here to see Mike”. In the sentence, ‘Mike’ is the important subject, so when you are listening, wait until the ends of each sentence to make your decision.

english fce exam listening

Part 3- Multiple matching

As it happens with Part 2, this part is considered to be slightly more difficult than others because there are a lot of ‘distractors’: words that will try to mislead you to a wrong answer.
- During the preparation time, read the topics carefully and underline key words.
- During the first listening, write any notes that might help you to identify to common topic. Remember it is ok if you do not mark any options during the first round.
- Use the second time to decide on the best option and…don’t panic!! If you get stuck, go to the next one, time is very important here!


Part 4- Multiple choice (1 long conversation)

This is a similar part to the first 1 but, the conversation is longer and often you can distracted by the vocabulary and other aspects not mentioned in the questions you have to answer.
- Read all the questions and predict the topic they are talking about.
- Underline key words (as you can see, this is something you can apply to all parts of the listening).
- Mark possible answers during the first time you listen and during the second time, listen for specific vocabulary to check your chosen answer.

shouting for a deaf
So, the only thing left to say is to wish you the best of luck!

Please share any other tips in the comments.