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Top 5 things to do in London during Christmas apart from studying

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Top 5 things to do in London during Christmas apart from studying.

London is one of the most fabulous places to stay during Christmas. Take a short break from your studies and choose some interesting things to enjoy Christmas in London and learn more about the British way of celebrating the holiday!

Christmas festivals

You might have already heard about the most famous winter festival – Winter Wonderland. You will always have fun there with your friends and family. Try numerous exciting attractions, nice mulled wine or German beer. Enjoy the market with local crafts and have fun singing along Christmas songs with the crowd. Here you can find more information.

This year you can also visit an alternative festival located in East London. The sponsors call it “London’s alternative festival destination” with a special spirit of East London. The festival features such attractions as Ice Rink, the Circus, the Pantomime, Backyard Cinema, Crazy Golf and many others. Here you can find more information.

Christmas shopping

Everyone in the city is thrilled to grab something nice during the Christmas sales. If you want to save some money and enjoy great deals on electronics, furniture, clothes and other things, you should definitely head for shops in Central and West London, explore huge department stores such as Westfield, Harrods and Selfridges.

The official start of the winter sales is on the 26th of December, Boxing day.

Christmas Shopping London

I name just a few for you.

House of Fraser
Selfridges Shopping
Westfield London Shopping
London / Oxford Street Shopping

Local Christmas markets and lights on

There is no doubt how fascinating and exciting the events of switching the lights on in Central London are! But don’t forget to check out your local village or area. You would enjoy the cosy local atmosphere and truly feel the spirit of the holiday and its miracles.

Southbank Christmas Markets

Traditional Christmas dinner

Perhaps nothing can provide truly fabulous Christmas atmosphere better than local pubs and restaurants. This is also a great chance to get together with friends, family and colleagues to celebrate the holiday. Delicious meals, fantastic decorations, amazing entertainment and lovely people around will definitely compose a fairy-tale-like evening.

british christmas dinner

Ice Rinks

It’s true that most winters in London are without snow and some of us do really miss it. Well, the city still looks stunning with impressive decorations all over it. In some places you could even enjoy the artificial snow.
Another way to experience the charming winter feeling is to try the Ice Rink. Dancing or crawling, you will enjoy the magical atmosphere. The smile will stay on the whole time and much laughter is guaranteed.
There are a few of them in various parts of London – Ice Rink Canary Wharf, Somerset House Ice Rink, National History Museum Ice Rink and many others. Each is truly majestic and beautiful. Try them all!

Somerset ice rink london

Is your favourite thing to do in this list? Please share your ideas on how to celebrate Christmas in London!