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Keep calm and learn more about London Transport!

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Whoever lives in London knows that, if you want to move from A to B in this city, you have to use public transport.London has many means of transport, with the oldest underground in Europe as it opened in 1863 and our famous double-decker buses which all tourists love to hop on and enjoy the view from the upper deck.

 If you have ever travelled by underground (or tube, as we Londoners like calling it) you will have seen how, in some stations, you can still feel the old spirit of London transport. Many people complain about the network, the strikes, and the prices but being honest, we could not live without it!

Today, here is my tribute to this wonderful city and 5 facts about its transport. Be ready to get surprised…

1. We use the underground platforms to wait for our trains but back in the World War II, platforms and stations were used as shelter from the air-raid bombings. Imagine stations like Camden Town, Belsize Park, Balham or Bethnal Green providing refuge to citizens. The picture below is from Holborn station, one busy one nowadays.

transport london underground

2. Have you ever walked around central London and seen a building which resembles pretty much a train station? Well, it probably is a ‘ghost’ station. In London, there are about 40 stations that are abandoned. One of my favourites is Aldwych, which has been featured in British movies like the zombie movie ’28 weeks later’ or our adored James Bond.

transport london ghost station

3. Not everything is about the tube, as in London we have our famous buses. Our famous red buses. Many people wonder, why are London buses red? Well, it was not like this in the past as before 1907, buses were painted in different colours depending on the route they were following. As it is now, there were different bus companies and they were all very competitive. One of the companies, the London General Omnibus Company, decided to paint their buses red to be outlined from their competitors. It was a good touch because then, red colour was introduced as the official colour for London buses.

transport london old buses

 4. Did you lose your umbrella on the bus or train? Well, it will probably be then waiting for you with other items at the Transport for London lost property office. You wouldn’t believe there are about 200,000 items a year that are lost. You can find anything there from umbrellas, toys, clothes and even a prosthetic leg! Oh, and more item that is very popular...false teeth!

transport london lost property

5. Our cable car! London opened Emirates Air Line cable car in 2012 and it was the first UK’s urban cable car. It does not have a long route, only between North Greenwich and Canning Town, and it cost less than £4 for a single journey. It is a sure place to enjoy some wonderful views of the city!

transport london cable car

Now that you know some more facts about London and the transport, you will sure be ready to spot any other interesting things so, why not sharing them with us?

Write us a comment below and see what others think about the London public transport.