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Easter in the UK

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Here we are, in the middle of April, just a day before the Easter celebration starts in the UK. This year Easter Sunday falls on the 16th of April.  


Easter in UK holiday

However, unlike many other holidays, Easter dates change every year. Easter Day is always the first Sunday after the first calculated Full Moon from March 21st. Because the Church calendar follows the moon, Easter Day can be on any Sunday from March 22nd to April 25th.

This year the Easter Holiday in the UK starts on Good Friday 14th of April and finishes on Easter Monday 17th of April. Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in the UK.

The schools are normally closed for 2 weeks for the Easter holiday.

school holiday kids children

Easter is the time to celebrate spring, new life and rebirth. Hence the symbols of the celebration are eggs, bunnies, flowers and chicks.

The chocolate eggs are the most popular treats during Easter; however, people also enjoy boiled eggs, beautifully decorated and painted in various bright colours.

Quite often the eggs will be hidden away around a garden for the so called “egg hunt”, organised for children to participate in a competitive game. Another popular game is Egg rolling race, when children roll the eggs down a slope.


egg hunt Easter celebration

Easter food is represented by traditional cooking and baking such as roasted leg of lamb, spring vegetables, Simnel cakes and Hot Cross Buns.

Easter dinner roast lamb Hot Cross Buns