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10 Top New Year’s Resolutions for English Learners in the UK

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As we enter a new year in our lives most of us resolve to better ourselves in some way. Making a promise to ourselves is the easy part though; committing to what we’ve promised to do and making good on our resolution is much harder. The trick is to set simple, realistic goals and to stick to them for the next twelve months no matter what.

Most of our students’ new year’s resolution is to improve their English. To make it easier on you, here’s a list of the 10 top - easy and realistic - ways to improve your English while you’re staying in the UK!

1. Make a New English Speaking Friend
Get out there, meet new people or re-evaluate the people you’ve already met. Surely enough you’ll find a person with whom you share interests and enjoy having a coffee/tea with. It could be a mate from uni, a neighbour or a talkative shop assistant. Make sure their English is better than yours and try to actively learn from them. Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there!

friend taking intercultiral communication

2. Watch Movies with English Subtitles
We’re all spending way too much time in front of the TV, so why not make the best of it? Try watching your favourite movie/series with English subtitles. You’ll be subconsciously learning the language while having fun! What better way to learn? Oh, and please stop watching dubbed movies!

harry potter dumbledor greatest in world

3. Take up a New Hobby (that involves people speaking English)
Whether you are keen on drawing, photography or yoga, there are tons of classes for you to enrol. Not only will you develop new skills, but also you’ll meet people and practise listening and speaking the language in a way you enjoy!

4. Download the Lyrics of a New Song You Like and Sing Along
This here is a great and fun way to learn! Download the lyrics of a song and practise at home or in your car. Next thing you know you’ll be mouthing the words in public transport or when you hear the song in a shop or a bar. You’ll look cool and feel confident too!

 5. Buy a Tiny Notebook and Write Down New Words
There are some super tiny notebooks you can find in bookshops those days and you always ask yourselves who would buy them and what for. Well, this is what they’re good for! The best part is that they can fit literally anywhere!

6. Write New Words on Post-it and Stick them on the Fridge
I admit that’s an old trick, but it does work wonders to learners of all levels! Now, be creative. Don’t open the dictionary and write down the first word you find in it. Look for words that people use in their everyday lives; you’ll find them in newspapers, TV ads or in the letter you received from the local council.

new words post it

 7. Go to the Cinema
There are so many great movies coming out these days! Have a fun night out, lay back, have coke, eat some popcorn and learn English!

8. Catch a Play in London
Dip in the British culture with the classics; The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia, The Lion King or go for a new play. No matter which one you choose you are bound to have an interesting and entertaining night out. My personal favourite is Mamma Mia, it’ll make you laugh and want to stand up and dance!

9. Read a Newspaper Article When Riding the Tube
That’s should be easy enough. Next time you’re in the tube just pick the paper next to you up, find something that interests you and dig in!

10. Read a Book
There are so many interesting books you can read. Many of them where written by British authors too. What you may not know is that many books have been rewritten so that they’re easily read by English learners. Go to a bookshop or ask your teacher for a suggestion!

books english
Happy New Year!!!