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There is theirs - Homophones in English!

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Have you ever been in a conversation and be lost because you misunderstood the context? A homophone might be the one to blame.

 But, what is a homophone? We describe a homophone as ‘all words and phrases that sound the same but have different meanings’. English language is a rich one with plenty of homophones due to many words being similar in pronunciation same as in the way they are written. Pronunciation is a very important aspect of the English language and, knowing all about it (or at least try it) is very useful.

To help you a little bit, here goes a list of our favourite English homophones. To make things easier, phonetic transcription and pictures are included!

Cheap vs Chip

Although chips are usually cheap, let’s not get confused. The first is pronounced /tʃiːp/ and the second /tʃɪp/.

cheap and chip

Sheep vs Ship

A very similar one to the previous pair, let’s make a difference between long and short vowels. The animal is /ʃiːp/, the type of boat /ʃɪp/.

ship and sheep

Meat vs Meet

You eat meat and meet people. Both words have the same phonetic transcription /miːt/.

meat and meet

I vs Eye

It is usual to mix up the personal pronoun with this part of the body, as their phonetic transcription is the same /aɪ/.

I and eye

Hart vs Heart

Here we have another 2 words with the same phonetic transcription /hɑːt/. The first one is a male deer, the second one, an organ.

hart and heart


I hope this pronunciation tips are enjoyable and that you are now more interested and attentive to homophones!

I’m sure you’ll have many more suggestions so please feel free to give us your examples in the comments!