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Keep calm and learn about homographs!

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We welcome you back after a wonderful Christmas break! I hope this year 2016 brings you happiness and everything you wish for.

January is the time to go back to routine, thing about our resolutions and what better resolution can it be but learning and keep improving your English?

 We aim to please and we are back with more interesting articles about aspects of the English language and culture.

This one today will help you to boost your vocabulary and have a better knowledge about homographs. This might be a term you have never heard of but I am sure you have had some experience with them! Homographs are words that are written the same and have more than one meaning, leading us again to getting confused in some conversational situations.

Homographs can be distractors in certain contexts so, the more you know about them the better it will be for your vocabulary improvement.

Here are some very common homographs in English:


This frequent word can be used to refer either to a sphere, like when you play a sport, or to a dance.

“My dog loves playing with this yellow ball”
“The school is organising a ball for the end of the course”


Another homograph that is very common. When using this word it can be to describe a container or to be used as a verb to indicate that you are able to do something.

“I can swim very well and it is a good exercise”
“Yesterday I drank a can of coke”

yes i can


Be careful not to get confused when you say a lie, something untruthful, or if you prefer to relax and lie down.

“Please don’t lie to me. I want you to be honest”
“I’m going to lie down for a while. I’m very tired”


Is it an animal or an object? Well it can be both so just see which context you are using it. If you like baseball, it is an important element of this sport. If you are a fan of the superhero, then is an animal.

“If you want to play baseball you need a bat, a ball and gloves”
“We visited a cave and it was full of bats”


If you hear somebody using this word they could be referring to either a line or a fight.

“We went to the cinema and sat on the third row”
“Mike and Josh had a row yesterday night”

These are just some examples of these types of words! Do you have any more examples? Please post a comment below and share your thoughts!