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Visiting London can be one of the most thrilling experiences ever in one’s life having the right information.  There is a long list of events that you can choose from and participate. One of the good things about the city of London is that there are a variety of activities that suit different tastes. All you need to know is where to find the right information. We believe below links can help you a lot finding the right information. We hope you enjoy your visit!

To see all that awaits you in the great city of London. Find out where to visit, what to see and the best places to stay on (

Visit Birtain -  also is national tourism agency that promotes tourism in the UK and provides assistance to tourists visiting the United Kingdom. (

Time Out - is a popular magazine (both online and hard copy) which offers you the ultimate guide for fun activities you can do in London. It helps you to find London's best events, attractions, restaurants and nightlife. (

Another famous weblog about news and events, restaurants and bars, is Londonist, check out the following link and find something you like (

If you are on a specific budget and do not wish to spend a lot of money the following website will provide you with the greatest free events all over  London (

You can also read the reviews on all London attractions, restaurants and pub by clicking on below website. (

London social life and experience

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London is a huge and diverse city and it is divided into 5 main areas - North, East, Central, South East, and South West. People usually choose the area to live according to their preferences however; in the city of London choosing the right place to live may be a difficult choice. It is really difficult to name one particular area, as each area represents its own characteristics.

On this page we have tried to gather useful information about most popular and interesting places in each area. It’s not surprising that we would like to start with our area as we are based in North London.

North London is an area full of gorgeous parks, cosy old pubs and fabulous local shops. Very often visitors pay less attention to great attractions in this area and focus only on Central part  of London with its traditional attractions known all over the world.

However, it would be definitely a great experience to visit Highgate cemetery, an old gothic graveyard surrounded by stunning houses, and also to visit an old style traditional pubs like The Flask or The Bull and Bush with the unique spirit of old Britain, meet lovely locals ready to chat and share a pint of finest ales produced for 100 years by family-run breweries. You can also witness the most mesmerizing views of the city and the sunset from Muswell Hill, Primrose Hill or Hampstead Heath and last but not least is Camden Market which has almost five million visitors every week.

East London is used to be a working class area of London for many years. People with no aristocratic connections used to live there and spend most of their days working in big factories or the docks. Nowadays East London has left its history and become a centre of art and creativity. Fashionable, trendy people are choosing to live there. Visitors in this area can find Spitafield street market with its unique hand-made stuff, Brick lane full of small fashion shops ran by young artists, underground clubs with best electronic DJs, the famous ambiguous street artist Banksy and many other interesting places.

Central London does not need a long and detailed description. Most of the unique London’s attractions are located in central London. Fabulous parks, gorgeous architecture, the greatest museums and galleries and shopping centres are all inimitable representatives of Central London.

South East London comprises the amazing cathedrals like St. Paul’s and riverside walks. Canary Wharf is a major business district and is one of London’s two main financial centres and contains many of the UK’s tallest buildings.

The Shard, with its unique design, representative of modernity and the biggest building in Europe is also located in this area.

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London Metro

There are various kinds of transport available for travelling throughout London and the UK.  There are many websites than you can choose to buy your tickets from. In here we have tried to name number of main transportation companies in the United Kingdom. To travel inside London you can follow the TFL website ( and find the best way travelling inside London. Here is also the London underground tube map, which you might find useful to plan your journey (

National Express offers bus and coach services to more than 900 destinations throughout the UK. The next one is the gateway to Britain's National Rail Network. A portal into UK rail travel including promotions, train times and all important updates. 



Cheap travel from the airport

London AirportNo one can deny the fact that travelling from any airport might cost a fortune especially for those who are not familiar with the city and its travelling opportunities. We would love to share the way to find cheap taxis which will meet your budget. will help you to find the cheapest minicab and book online. The biggest London airport Heathrow is also connected with the London underground. Please see the journey planner on 

Experience reading British newspapers 

Would you like to know more about important stories around the world and improve your English at the same time? Do you have the desire to know more about everyday stories in the United Kingdom? You are a click away from the greatest press and news agencies in the world. Follow the below links to read authentic, well- written English texts as well as enjoying different aspects of English culture. 



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