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NLSEnglish General English courses are designed according to the highest standards and suitable for those who wish to improve their ability to communicate effectively in real-life situations in English.

Our available levels are Elementary (A1/A1+), Pre-Intermediate (A2), Intermediate (B1), Upper-Intermediate (B2) & Advanced (C1).

Our teachers use current developments in English language teaching, implementing a variety of activities to develop students’ confidence and use of all four skills – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

The main focus of the courses is to engage students in conversations using real-life vocabulary and structures.

Students can also select a course of a certain length depending on their needs. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced language user, we will always find the most suitable class for you.

You will experience a friendly, vibrant atmosphere for studying with international students of the same level. Our teachers will engage you in participation and communication with your classmates, and of course English is the only language to be used in the class!

NLSEnglish General English courses are delivered in three different formats: full-time, part-time and private lessons. We also offer General English Combo courses.

General English Course Fee calculator

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Full-time General English courses

Course duration

15 hours a week, 3 hours a day

Morning option


Afternoon option


Part-time General English courses

Course duration

9 hours a week,3 hours a day, 3 days a week

Morning Option



The timetable is customised, i.e. varies depending on students’ time preferences.

Please request confirmation of the current timetable for part-time courses from the admin office.

General English Weekend courses

Our weekend General English courses are suitable for those students who cannot join English courses on weekdays.

The main focus of weekend courses is to help students to improve their conversation skills in English. However, students will also work on all main skills (Reading, Listening, Writing), grammar and vocabulary. All students need to book and sit for the placement test (free of charge) and join the course according to their current level of English.

Students can book weekend courses minimum for 2 weeks and maximum for 4 weeks.

Each Saturday students get a 3-hours lesson with a 15min break in between.

The minimum age to enrol for the weekend courses is 16 and the maximum number of students in each course is 8.

For more information on the weekend courses please contact our admin office or check our Fees & Timetable page.

Private lessons

Our Private lessons are a part of our services that offers a unique opportunity to learn and practise English in a relaxed environment. You will follow a tailor-made course bearing in mind your needs, strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, the timetable is very flexible and can be adapted to your own schedule.

You can arrange private lessons for all the courses we offer. For more information please contact our admin office.

You can enjoy our courses via Skype (Online Skype private lessons) and improve your English receiving online services.

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